Community Ecologist

Some of My Students

Chelsea Brisson

Chelsea Brisson prepares sample bags for a herbivory study in San Salvador, Bahamas. Chelsea’s research is on associational defense in palatable algae. She conducted experiments to address the hypothesis that algae are less likely to be grazed in diverse stands. Megan BarnesMegan Barnes sorts algae for nutritional analysis. Megan is interested in whether algae from dense stands has less nutritional value (C:N ratio) than algae that grows sparsely (which might explain why it is eaten less).

Anthony Lucia
Anthony Lucias: He designed a behavioral study to understand the role of sexual competition in time budgeting for Anole lizards. Anthony is currently on the high seas working as a NOAA fisheries observer.

Anole Set Up

Sarah Salois: She has worked on projects in both Jamaica and Moorea. She has a broad interest in ecology but has focused on the role of herbivores in the benthic composition of Caribbean reefs. She is currently a Ph.D. student at Northeastern University

David Stein

David Stein: Aside from being obsessed with Acanthaster, David has been interested in inducible defense and nematocyst development in corals. He currently works with the Ocean Genome Project in Boston, MA.

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