Community Ecologist


Sampling the mudflats near the Darling Marine Center in Walpole ME

Please feel free to email me at idjadij(at) for reprints of these publications:

Rotjan RD and Idjadi JA. 2013. Surf and Turf: Toward a better synthesis by cross-system understanding. Guest Editorial. OIKOS 122:285-287

Stier AC, Idjadi JA, Geange SW, and White JSS. 2013. High mortality in surgeon fish following an exceptional settlement event. PACIFIC SCIENCE. 67:533-538

Shantz AA, Stier AC and Idjadi JA. 2011
Coral density and predation affect growth of a reef-building coral. CORAL REEFS    30:363-367

Idjadi JA, Haring RN, Precht WF. 2010
Recovery of the sea urchin Diadema antillarum promotes scleractinian coral growth and survivorship on shallow Jamaican reefs. MARINE ECOLOGY-PROGRESS SERIES 403: 91-100

Idjadi JA, Karlson RH 2007 Spatial arrangement of competitors influences coexistence of reef-building corals. ECOLOGY 88:2449-2454

Idjadi JA and Edmunds PJ. 2006
Scleractinian corals as facilitators for other invertebrates on a Caribbean reef

Idjadi JA, Lee SC, Bruno JF, Precht WF, Edmunds PJ, Requa, LA. 2006
Rapid phase-shift reversal on a Jamaican coral reef
CORAL REEFS 25 (2): 209-211

Idjadi JA and Edmunds PJ. 2003
Free-living colonies of Porites in Moorea, French Polynesia

Testing a small rc plane with a aerial video package

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