Climbing Mt. Rotui on Moorea, French Polynesia

I am an Assistant Professor of Biology at Eastern Connecticut State University. My primary research is on the community ecology of corals reefs. I focus on factors that drive the decline and recovery of Caribbean reefs. I am also interested in the mechanisms that promote coral species coexistence on diverse Pacific reefs. In addition to my research on coral reefs, I am collaborating with investigators from the New England Aquarium and UNH. These projects focus on the ecological impact of liquid natural gas ports in Massachusetts Bay and the foraging behavior of horsehoe crabs respectively. In collaboration with investigators at UNH I am developing a remotely controlled aircraft to aerially survey foraging patterns of horseshoe crabs in Great Bay, NH. It is our hope that this widely available technology can be adapted to the research needs of other investigators. At Eastern I primarily teach Introductory Ecology and Marine Ecology. I have an active research lab with many undergraduate researchers focusing on diverse projects.

Joshua Idjadi freedives with students Sarah Salois and David Stein